Meet Joanna and Jacqui

The Coffee Break Coach

The Coffee Break Coach


is a small business coach who works with health & wellbeing professionals. Her strength is in helping those in private practice who are struggling. By building a resilient mindset and employing effective marketing strategies she helps them to build successful, not stressful businesses.

She is The Coffee Break Coach, known for getting to the bottom of the problem quicker than you can say coffee.



The Expat Marketing Expert

The Expat Marketing Expert


is a marketing consultant working with solo-business owners who feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of tasks associated with marketing. She helps them to see the big picture and turn the tiniest ideas into profitable businesses. With her “why not” attitude she believes that if others are doing then why can’t we?

A longtime resident of Japan, she is the Expat Marketing Expert.


Here’s their story

Joanna and Jacqui are expats. They both live away from their native countries, having moved for love. Family and home life is important to them, but having a career is too.

Both are business professionals, Jacqui with a background in Marketing, and Joanna in Operations and Development. They’ve each successfully built their own companies that work around their families.

Neither is a stranger to overcoming difficult situations. By necessity they’ve built their businesses online, through lots of trial and error. They’ve created a system and shortcuts that they now share with you, so that you may avoid some of the same mistakes.

When you meet Joanna and Jacqui you’ll immediately be struck by how kind, warm-hearted and caring they are. Their shared passion for helping others and passing on their knowledge is what brought them together. They’re both lifelong learners and continue to learn new things everyday from their clients and indeed from each other. They look forward to the opportunity to meet and learn from you too.