you can have it all
  • discover the secret ingredient to success that costs nothing and needs no special equipment, apps or downloads
  • know exactly where to invest your time, money and energy to promote your business and get customers in
  • create a rock-solid plan for business growth that won’t leave you with no time for the important things – your family, your relationships and your own self-care.



Kick Negative Thoughts to the Curb 

Build-and-Thrive-Academy-swan-11We build  

Tackling the big topics: getting new clients, managing your time and promoting your work without being on social media 24/7, how to decide which products are most profitable for you. These are the building blocks of a strong business.

We hate to say marketing … but if you’re in business you need to do it. We’ll make it painless. But before we get into marketing we go over the essential components of any good business. Starting with a business model so you know how you’re going to make money. We build a strong framework so you can grow effortlessly.

No-one is left behind. Even if you only have an idea for a business we want to hear about it. We will help you get it up and running before the month is out. There’s no better way to test a business idea than to get out and show it to potential customers.

Build and Thrive Academy, icecreamWe thrive 

Do you believe in yourself? If you don’t then nobody else will. Help is at hand. Are you confused or feeling overwhelmed? We’ve been there.

Priority number one is that you work towards a harmonious balance between your family, your work and your personal self-care.

We’ll help you get the basics of a success mindset right and show you how to make it work for you. You’re great at what you do. A success mindset will set you apart and make sure you succeed. Making your mindset work for you is what will make you resilient and successful on your entrepreneurial journey. It is the one thing that will support you MOST.

Do you wake up filled with dread?

  • that an unexpected bill will arrive and you won’t be able to pay it?

  • that one of the few clients you do have will decide they no longer need your services?

  • that your husband will demand that you find a ‘real’ job?

  • that your kids will grow up hating you because “mommy’s working now”


Build and Thrive Academy is:

The best combination of emotional resilience coaching

and “pedal to the metal”, let’s make some real money!


We are mums too

Led by business coach Joanna Byrne, known for her confidence and clarity work with busy executives and frazzled small business owners; and marketing consultant Jacqui Miyabayashi, known for her ability to get straight to the heart of the matter, what’s going right and what needs improving in a business.

TWO powerful minds coming together in a unique partnership to truly embrace the build AND thrive sides of your business.

The practical and the emotional. The inner and the outer game. The difference between winning and losing.

Business doesn’t have to be soul-sapping.

You can tame the chaos of your business systems

and be successful.

Imagine being able to enjoy every aspect of your business

  • Whether you’re a busy mum with preschool children
  • or a woman supporting ageing parents
  • or juggling outside work and trying to build a business on the side

28 days to business bliss. 



The first five to register get a private 3o minute coaching / consult with both Jacqui and Joanna. This alone is worth $300!

We’ve just opened the doors on this offer so we have five spots available but hurry!




Look at all these benefits:

Women are no strangers to multi-tasking but also easily fall victim to burnout. You’ll learn how to prevent that. 

You know the old saying, when mum is happy everyone is happy? Well the same is true for the opposite. When mum is exhausted or gets sick, all hell breaks loose.

Working within the guiding principles of balance and harmony we help you master the business side of your business.

You’re great at what you do. We expect nothing less. But we also know you can be stubborn and you are trying to do everything in your business. You spend a lot of time chasing your tail. Let us make that easier for you.

We’ll help you cultivate a community of loving clients who feel supported by you and in turn become raving fans.

Think about the last time you had an exceptional stay at a hotel or visit to the hairdresser. You raved about the service and told your friends they had to go too. See how that works?

You’ll do the good work you were born to do, you’ll feel valued as you provide value to your clients.

The best things in life are free. After that, you get what you pay for. Do you want people to think you are expensive or worth every cent?

You’ll feel great earning the money you deserve.

With your training, expertise, passion for your work, why shouldn’t you be paid well? Could anyone do a better job than you? We thought not.

Your family and friends will love the calm confidence that radiates from you – because you are in control of your business.

And they’ll stop asking you “what do you do all day?”


You’re a solo business owner. You started your training filled with excitement – finally you’d be doing what you love and really helping people with your skills, talent and knowledge. Pretty soon though it dawned on you that being in business for yourself meant so much more than just working with your lovely clients. That part is still fun but the rest, not so much.

constantly on social media trying to “connect” with potential customers

handing out business cards to random strangers at the bus stop

trying to schedule appointments over the phone with a howling preschooler in the background

giving your work clothes a shake and hoping no-one notices they’re not ironed

If you’re honest with yourself you are exhausted, worn-out, sick of it.

Everybody has an opinion about how you should promote your business, where you should set up shop, what you should do instead, as well as, or for, your customers. You need a new website.  Start blogging. Do you have a Facebook page?

You’re tempted just to give up and go back to your old 9 – 5 job. Because really you’re not sure when you signed up to:

 – be on call 24 hours a day

 – drive all over town visiting clients, seven days a week

 – work longer hours than you ever did for your old boss

 – be on high alert in case a client drops in

 – work into the early hours of the morning trying to balance your books

 – check your email repeatedly in case an appointment has been scheduled

Here’s what we know:

You started in business to be your own boss. But your business is a harder boss than any you’ve known.

You want to work your own hours, flexible around your life, your family and the lifestyle you are trying to create.

You want to serve your clients in the best possible way, offering the best possible service, and delivering on quality.

But it’s hard. MUCH harder than you thought. Finding clients is challenging. Figuring out the ‘hows’ and technicalities of all the things you need to do is tough. Finding the time to fit it all in is even tougher. And it’s lonely!

We get it. We have been there.

Let us show you…

How in 28 days you can create a successful (not stressful) business, that makes money, works around your schedule, and takes you from headache to harmony in business.

In our program you will accelerate your progress, learn how to attract clients effortlessly, stop trying to sell to people who just aren’t interested. You’ll understand what makes you unique and memorable and how being authentic and genuine will help you avoid those uncomfortable conversations about “how expensive you are”.

There will still be a lot of trial and error – there are no guarantees in business – but you’ll be a streaks ahead with a group to be motivated by, held accountable to and inspired by. You’ll have the benefit of not one but two experienced business coaches on your team. There will be live office hours to ask your questions and a twenty four hour a day private Facebook group to get the opinions from both Joanna and Jacqui as well as your fellow classmates.

What’s included?

  • 4 modules of self-study content including videos, exercises and worksheets
  • Access to an online support group where you can build and brainstorm with fellow entrepreneurs PLUS access to Joanna and Jacqui
  • Weekly Office Hours workshops where we will be available to directly address your particular questions

What’s covered in the course?

headache to harmony

Week 1 – The Foundations – start from where you’re at

Week 2 – The Building Blocks – what to use and where to find them

Week 3 – Putting on the Roof – mindset, planning and scheduling

Week 4 – Windows and doors – how do clients get in and welcoming them




Is this course for you?

YES … if your business is a shambles and you’re tired of the tug of war between what you should do and what you can do

YES … if finding new clients is stressful, a struggle and you hate the sales pitch

YES … if you’re sick of working such long hours for such little return

YES … if you’re at the point where you would rather throw in the towel and get a ‘real’ job – that would be a huge shame




Q. Is it a workshop, or a webinar series, or a self-study program?

A. The course materials will be added to our website weekly – you can access them anytime you like. (the week begins on Monday)

Included in each of the four modules  – video, PDF to download and worksheets. You’ll work on these at your own pace, in your own time. You’ll have full access to the course materials even after the 28 days as well as your seat in the private forum on Facebook.

We’ve scheduled live q&a workshops each week,

and we have an exclusive private Facebook group for connecting with others on the course.

Joanna and Jacqui will be in the group as much as possible during the 28 days answering questions and helping you achieve your goals.


Q. What about the earlybird special? Bonus coaching? SOLD OUT SORRY

A. If you’re one of the five who have signed up first you’ll be offered a bonus session of thirty minutes coaching time with Joanna and thirty minutes coaching time with Jacqui, to be taken advantage of at any time during the month of July, through the duration of the course. Joanna is an expert in mindset, vision & goal setting – we recommend connecting with her early on in the course so that you’re clear on where you want to go with your business and what you hope to get out of the course. Of course a chat with Joanna will be valuable at any time!

Jacqui is a marketing expert. We recommend connecting with her midway through the course or near the end to make sure you’re on track with your business strategy. She’s the person to ask if you are unsure how your business makes money, what sort of clients you should be targeting and what kind of tactics you should be using to attract the attention and sales from those clients – nuts and bolts stuff. Of course a chat with Jacqui will be valuable at any time!


Q. What if I missed out on the earlybird special? Am I alone in this?

A. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Each week, Fridays and Mondays, we will be hosting open office hours. Drop by our open online group session to chat in person with your two coaches, listen to the other questions and get the answers you need.

AND we have an exclusive private forum on Facebook where we will be popping in and out of everyday to answer questions and help you out. We want you to get the most possible out of the course and truly tame your business demons.